Listen to our new Prime Minister and you will be impressed.

He is confident in manner, fluent in speech and has exciting ideas.

The two that impress me most are extra police to be recruited and improving travel in the north of England.

You will have your own ideas and more of us will be surprised at the surge in popularity of the conservative party.

Good luck Boris.

Our politics certainly needed an input of your infectious optimism.

But hang on.

All that has happened so far is resounding rhetoric.

Will the results ever come?

Harold Wilson, the master of the glib one liner, described politics as the art of the possible.

Mr Johnson should remember that.

He could be heading for a big fall.

Boris is not unknown in the Light household.

We have spent several hours in his company, though others were also present.

Mrs Light has drunk gin and tonic with him, in the company of a previous Prime Minister.

The impression we gained was of an intelligent man, extremely good company, larger than life, confident and perhaps courageous.

This is the Boris we are seeing now and perhaps many of us are relishing this.

We have had too many politicians who have been dull to the point of being anonymous.

Perhaps it is time to stand back and think what qualities we need in a prime minister.

The list would start with a good judgement and patience would certainly be on the list. Perhaps modest and humility could be added.

Those of us who love this country and want it to thrive will hope that he, who is very much the man of the moment, is more than that.

Boris is intelligent enough to know he will be judged, not by resounding speeches, but by results.

Without a majority in Parliament these will be difficult to obtain and we shall see some Boris battles, with victories and defeats.

It would however be churlish not to wish him well.

If he can ally his energy and effort with other qualities who knows what he will achieve.

Good luck Boris, you will need it and so will we.

The increasing use of the phrase no deal Brexit is more than worrying.

Disturbing is a better word.

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