MEMBERS of Cotswold District Council’s new cabinet have been slammed for cancelling another meeting – but they say it's because they can't attend due to childcare issues during the school holidays.

The Liberal Democrat cabinet, which has run Cotswold District Council (CDC) since triumphing at May's election, announced on Monday (August 5) that they were cancelling the August monthly meeting due to be held that day.

Each month the cabinet are meant to meet to make decisions about the running of the council, but since the Lib Dems took control in May, the cabinet has met just once and Monday’s meeting was cancelled ‘owing to a lack of substantive business which needs to be conducted’.

Leader of the Conservative Group on CDC, Cllr Richard Morgan said: “We are now in the fourth month of Lib Dem control at CDC, and the Lib Dems have done little to outline their vision for the Cotswolds.

“We should remember that one of the first things the Lib Dems did after they took control of CDC was to increase the number of cabinet members from four to the maximum seven allowed and increased the cabinet members additional allowance from £6,000 to £7,500 per year. It’s difficult to argue the council tax-payers of the Cotswolds are getting value for money when this hugely expanded and more expensive cabinet has only met once since May.”

In response, cabinet member Cllr Andrew Doherty said: "Two thirds of the new cabinet are parents with school age children, meaning many were unable to make the August meeting," he said. "It was a better use of limited staff time - particularly that of council officers - to postpone business to the September meeting when we could have a full agenda and attendance.

“The Cotswold Liberal Democrat group campaigned with a detailed manifesto and a clear vision - the voters responded and elected us to act on it. Since assuming control of the council, we have been learning what we inherited and how best to implement voter priorities. Moving from where the council was to where voters want it to be is a job that takes time but one we intend to do properly and thoroughly.”