I also visited the Fleece Hotel last week along with my mother and her neighbour, who are residents of the Waterloo - living in the flats adjacent to the Waterloo car park, where it is proposed to build a new multi-storey car park.

Having attended the exhibition and seen the proposed designs I have to agree with both of the letters you have published in the Standard voicing concerns about the proposed multi-storey.

The planned building is ‘out of all proportion of scale and sympathy with its surroundings..’ (as suggested in one of the letters).

I also, along with my Mum and her neighbour, agree with your other correspondent that the proposed multi-storey will create ‘enormously raised threats of light, noise and toxic pollution..’ in this residential part of the town.

I can only agree further with both correspondents that the design/structure - however it is clad, or ‘wrapped’ will be an ‘enormously high’ ‘monstrosity’.

Therefore I, along with my Mum and her neighbour, urge the Cotswold District Council to think again about implementing this short-term solution to what has and is becoming a longer term problem.

Once again I can only agree with other previous correspondents to your letters page that a ‘greener’ solution needs to be enacted- edge-of-town park and ride, or park and stride systems which could help to save the centre of Cirencester from excessive traffic congestion, increased noise and worsening air quality.

Andrew Hilton