Melvyn Wilkins, a past pupil of the now defunct Kingscourt Primary School in Stroud, has spent six months tracking down old classmates for a reunion on August 8.

The school, which was in operation from 1837 until 1972 was located at Bowl Hill and Melvyn, who is now based in the Forest of Dean, is particularly looking for those old pupils who first started school with him some 60 years ago.

Out of his class, Melvyn has been able to track down 12 old school friends, thanks to an old class photo that was taken in or around 1962/63, but is still looking to make contact with four more of the class.

He is asking whether anyone recognises themselves in the photo?

"Of the 16 in this photo, one has sadly died, eight are attending with two who can't make the gathering, so it has not been a bad response at all," Melvyn says.

"As I live in the Forest of Dean and not on the doorstep, I have been reliant on local media as well as social media to help put out word to find my old classmates," he added.

As the school was particularly small, there was a range of ages in Melvyn's class.

"The age range of my class mates is between 64 and 69 as we all mixed in together in those days as the school was so small," he said.

Old school chums are attending the reunion, taking place on Thursday, travelling from across Gloucestershire but also from as far away as Cyprus, Buckinghamshire and Yorkshire.

Any other pupils of Melvyn’s vintage who would like to attend can enquire via