What a great opportunity Stroud has now got with a string to its bow of adventure: a new Beacon of Activism for creative ideas and actions.

This will be a hub, close to the renewed Sub Rooms, where community groups can get together and learn from each other.

It is already linked to groups like Extinction Rebellion, Stop Ecocide and the campaign against 5G, many others will follow surely.

In particular, the 5G campaign has been expanding all over the country and Stroud being very active in it, will certainly benefit from having a centre where people can get informed and share ideas.

We must realise that 5G is the biggest technical jump we have ever faced.

A concern for the speed at which it is going to be implemented seems justified to me, both personally and politically and I, like many, believe it is time to act.

Telecommunication companies like EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 are going to make millions of pounds from the use of 5G.

In truth, there has been a lack of consultation between the corporations, local government and the citizens.

This has indeed led the public to feel we have no influence whatsoever in making any decisions about the rollout of 5G.

We may well be scared, angry and feel ultimately powerless.

My view is that in a democratic world people should have the freedom of opting out of such a big technological transformation, rather than being imposed upon.

John Marjoram,

Green Party district councillor