We can easily corroborate the difficulties older and disabled people have when travelling by rail, "We need more help," (Letters, July 18).

On Monday, July 15 I was stranded on platform four of Gloucester railway station having been taken ill and unable to continue my journey. Having used the help button on the platform a receptionist reassured me that a member of staff would come over to assist me and luggage reach platform two and thus the exit from the station.

However, I waited on my own for well over an hour and no member of staff came onto the platform in that time.

Consequently I was stranded with a health problem on a pretty hot day and with no access to drinks or toilets or help of any kind.

In the end I pressed the emergency button the platform. But this created great confusion as I did nearly need police, fire service or ambulance. However, I explained my situation to the anxious operator who offered to contact station staff on my behalf.

Which I believe they tried to do. However, still no member of rail staff arrived.

All very strange. Could not someone have seen me eventually on station cctv?

The end of the story. I eventually met up with a member of staff who arrived on platform four as part of his regular patrol I assume.

He offered to help but had not received any previous message relating to me at all. What a business.

Had another hour gone by I probably would have needed that ambulance after all.

Yes, the service to older, disabled and ill passengers needs to be improved.

Elizabeth Smith