I write on behalf of many residents, some of whom are elderly or vulnerable and therefore not very vocal, others who are so disillusioned by the decision makers that they too feel that their anxieties will also be ignored.

The plans display appropriately at The Fleece, demonstrate that ordinary people are being fleeced in the interest of grandiose displays of power.

Great credit must be given to unwitting architects who have drawn up three beautiful sets of plans that would grace any non-residential or a large shopping complex.

They of course would not have taken into consideration the following -

A. Invasion of privacy of surrounding residents. Such privacy is threatened!

B. Deprivation of natural light for residents through the enormously high, wide and deep monolith proposed.

C. Awareness of the threat of anti-social behaviour as reported from many such multi-storey car parks.

D. Cirencester's changing role, like so many attractive towns away from predominately retail and towards tourism and commuting, thus demanding coach and free out of town parking.

E. Enormously raised threats of light, noise and toxic pollution, what ever token mitigating measure might be in place.

F. The high cost that would be incurred and the strain on already stretched local authority resources.

Don Pines