Many of us possibly watched Panorama last week on the Semitism issue gripping Jeremy Corbyn and his party and/or listened to the news or read a national newspaper.

We will have been shocked at such disclosures as we realised all this is happening in our beautiful country.

It is an absolute disgrace and shames us all.

This man is currently engaged in a programme of visiting constituencies and meeting activists.

One must ask of his members, is this exercise of visits a futile attempt in respectability.

The deputy leader Tom Watson was reported as saying he is shocked and appalled and Starmer has said that the party has a duty to tackle antisemitism and so it goes on.

Are we to believe their incredulity?

What have these people been doing whilst employees and MPs wept in the corridors, in offices, in Parliament in local committee rooms and beyond?

If Watson and Starmer as just two examples of many were not aware of this all along then they are strangers to the truth, and/or total and utter cowards for doing absolutely nothing.

Royston Gay