A MAJOR town centre property in Cirencester has been purchased by Cotswold District Council, safeguarding an important pedestrian link.

27 and 27A Dyer Street has been bought as a strategic acquisition and is an important pedestrian link between the Waterloo car park and the town centre.

The building currently houses Argos, Savers, the Salvation Army and Young Performers Dance company and they remain in occupation on their current leases.

By purchasing the property the council can make sure that the existing pedestrian access from the Waterloo to Dyer Street will remain in place and there is also an opportunity to enhance and upgrade the walkway which has been branded a ‘grot spot’ by many residents.

As preparations begin to move forward with the master plan for Cirencester town centre and also the planned decked parking at the Waterloo this site will play an important part in opening up the town centre.

Council leader Joe Harris said: "I’m thrilled we’ve been successful with this purchase, buying this property is significant to the overall proposals we have planned to deliver more parking spaces in the Waterloo Car Park as well as our long term plans for improvements to Cirencester town centre. It increases our options.

"This purchase also means that we are in control of our own destiny with respect to any future enhancements of the site, a great starting point will be working with the current tenants to see how we can improve the walkway between Dyer Street and the Waterloo Car Park which many residents and visitors find horrible to walk through."

Cllr Richard Morgan leader of the Conservative Group on Cotswold District Council said: "The previous Conservative controlled council thought this investment made a lot of sense as the property offers a reasonable return on investment, but also offers CDC control over 30 additional car parking spaces and a long term opportunity to provide affordable housing in the flats above.

"We also took a long term view that the walkway was a strategic link between the centre of Cirencester and the proposed new multi story car park we were planning to build."

"The investment made sense commercially and strategically and we were pleased this purchase received approval at a council meeting on 26 February 2019 and completed on 3 April 2019.

"We are obviously pleased the new Lib Dem administration share our enthusiasm for the project and we are keen to explore how we can quickly improve the walkway between Dyer Street and the Waterloo Car Park and make it brighter and more attractive."

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