Cotswold District Council will be 'more open and inclusive' after councillors passed a democative renewal motion.

The motion is intended to improve how Cotswold District Council engages with the public, supports members and inspires and develops its employees.

Cllr Jenny Forde proposed the motion and was seconded by Cllr Mike Evemy.

The motion resolved that all gender specific terms like chairman and vice-chairman are outdated, and should be replaced by chair and vice-chair.

It also called on the council to ensure they do not disadvantage residents, members or employees based upon their sex, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other legally protected characteristic.

The council will also trial holding meetings at different times and will also webcast its proceedings and those of its cabinet and committees as a key mechanism to widen access and understanding of the councils decision-making process.

Cllr Jenny Forde said: "It feels like a new start.

"We want to modernise our council so we can be agile, responsive and accessible.

"We want to lead by example - restoring trust and respect, even when we don’t agree.

"There will be no tolerance for cliques and clubs, elitist waffle, deals behind closed doors, backdoor back-slapping or favours for old friends.

"We come together as equals and should address each other as equals in a council that meets at a time that most people can make."

Conservative leader on Cotswold District Council Cllr Richard Morgan said: “We supported this motion and the Conservative group absolutely support an open and inclusive environment for residents, staff and council members.

"I am also thankful the Lib Dems supported my amendment to include age as a legally protected characteristic."