This Country star Michael Sleggs has reportedly died aged 33.

The actor played Slugs in the BBC Cotswold Mockumentary.

Posting tribute to the actor on Facebook, the WTAF - A This Country Podcast said: "We cannot believe the news we have woken up to this morning.

"Michael ‘Slugs’ Sleggs passed away last night.

"We are totally devastated for his family and all his loved ones and friends and fans.

"Michael was one in a million and with us he never said no if we asked him to join in with our silly fun.

"Appearing at both of our live shows he would always be apprehensive about walking on to the stage but would steal the show every time.

"We are so grateful that you got to get up there on the small screen and be the man, the legend.

"RIP Michael. Forever you’ll be Slugs to all This Country fans but you are also a dear, dear friend."

Comedy producer and writer who worked on This Country said: "Michael encapsulated the spirit and humour of This Country.

"He was a fantastic, talented man who brought tremendous joy to all who knew him and saw him.

"I loved working with him and will miss him."