Residents in North Wiltshire have been hit by a spate of burglaries over the past few nights.

Police say they have experienced a high number of burglaries in Cricklade and Malmesbury this weekend.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: "We are raising this crime with our community so that you can all better prepare your home and never be a victim of this crime.

"This appears to have happened when the home owners were on holiday."

Police have given advice to those going away in the coming months.

  • Can you arrange for a family friend to 'house sit' while you’re on holiday?
  • Can you ask the neighbour to park their car on your drive?
  • Do you have light timers on?
  • Do you have a neighbour regularly checking in on your property?
  • Do not post all over social media regarding your holiday, you don’t know who is watching your profile
  • Do ask neighbours or your house sitter to put your rubbish bins out as normal.
  • There are several gidgets and gadgets available to help improve your homes security, from recording video door bells to reasonably priced alarms and home CCTV systems.