The maintenance of the grass verges on the A419 ring road around Cirencester is a disgrace.

Long grass on verges impacts on visibility and poses great dangers for motorists.

It also presents a negative impression to tourists when they approach our otherwise lovely Cotswold town.

The Lib Dems voiced many concerns over how the Conservatives pruned or scrapped budgets meaning road repairs, pavements and general maintenance etc were not proactively addressed anywhere.

“While the responsibility for these issues lies with the county council, the district council has the wealth and the resources to contribute to fixing these problems and I want to see the district council doing more to support Gloucestershire Highways” claimed Roly Hughes, Lib Dem Councillor for Chesterton, when he was canvassing in February 2018 - well now YOU CAN Roly!

Food for thought – would the caretakers of our town consider adopting a few basic principles to improve the biodiversity of our verges and follow Plantlife’s guidelines for managing road verges to benefit wild flowers and the wild life they support.

These guidelines have been adopted with success by other local authorities.

Mike Grout