POLICE say they are being proactive on a road which has been described as a "dangerous race track".

Stow-on-the-Wold resident Peter Thompson says he regularly sees motorcyclists travelling well in excess of the speed limit of 70mph in places.

And recently he said he reported an incident to police that he described as "extremely dangerous".

Mr Thompson said: "On the way down the hill motorcycles were "screaming" past cars to the absolute consternation and fear of my wife and I am sure all the other vehicle drivers.

"We were negotiating the final bottom bend. No less than two motorcycles came screaming round the bend heading up hill at great speed and with the drivers knees actually touching the road with the motorcycles almost turned on their sides.

"This has to be extremely dangerous for the motorcyclists and other road users and should be prevented by the police.

"I was told (the incident) had been reported by several other drivers and police were sending some officers.

"This is not an isolated occurrence and happens regularly, I play golf at Broadway a nearby golf course every Saturday afternoon and regularly hear motorcyclists using this road as a race track."

Evesham Town North and Rural South's PCSO Leanne Knight said: "We have been proactive on this road, we are aware of the reports of speeding. "Operations have included rumble strips, and speed guns. We will do everything we can, we have done a lot of work - we were there last Saturday.

"But it is difficult, we have had no concern with what we have seen. We appreciate people slow down for police though.

"If people are caught, action is taken."

Liz Eyre, Worcestershire County Councillor for Broadway, said: "Police have carried out visual and covert work and not seen the excessive speeds.

"It is important, we have to have the evidence to back up what is being said.

"There is a noise issue, with motorbikes and sports cars."