GLOUCESTERSHIRE Police have issued a warning about fraudsters who are pretending to be police officers in order to steal money.

They said that there had been reports of victims receiving phone calls from people claiming to be from other Police forces or 'fraud squads'.

The caller then asks the victim to transfer money to them, withdraw it or move it to a 'safe account'.

In the notice, Victoria Brinton, DII engagement officer for Gloucestershire Police said: "We have had several reports of Gloucestershire residents receiving calls from fraudsters claiming to be from other Police forces or "fraud squads".

"When challenged, the caller told them to call 999 to confirm the call was genuine.

"We believe the fraudsters were hoping to be able to stay on the line and trick victims into carrying out withdrawals or transfers.

"Thankfully, the calls were fully disconnected, resulting in them coming through to our 999 line when they made the call.

"Neither the Police, nor your bank, will ever ask you to move or withdraw your money.

"If you receive a call like this, hang up immediately and report it to us on 101.

"Please use a different phone to do this if possible or wait at least five minutes to ensure the fraudster isn't still on the line."