After the thunderstorms and heavy rain across the UK the Met Office issued a severe weather warning, that will all change later this week though.

Whilst some areas across the West of England could have been at risk of flooding earlier today, however it looks as though a heatwave is expected to strike for the remainder of the week.

There is a severe weather warning in place for Tuesday morning, with torrential rain and thunderstorms expected, however it will turn brighter later on that day.

From Wednesday then the UK will be hit by a heatwave, with temperatures expected to soar to the late 20's and early 30's.

On their website, the Met Office said: "Dry, increasingly sunny and very warm, perhaps hot across the west and south. Cloud persisting on some eastern coasts where markedly cooler. Potential for thunderstorms in the north on Saturday."

It also coincides with the start of Glastonbury Festival.