Cirencester Choral Society is inviting people to join their historic choir.

Unusually, there are currently vacancies in each part – soprano, alto, tenor and bass – so it is a good opportunity for anyone who is interested in joining to get involved.

Chairman Andy Crane said: “Obviously, we expect members to be able to sing in tune, to be able to blend with the rest of the chorus, and follow their part from a choral score.”

“But we’re realistic – we don’t expect members to be perfect sight readers, or to have had a musical training, and we don’t audition.

"Most important are an enthusiasm for the type of music we sing, and a commitment to learn the music, to practise at home, and to turn up to rehearsals!”

Cirencester Choral Society perform in Cirencester Parish Church, and the conductor is Carleton Etherington, who is also director of music at Tewkesbury Abbey.

For more information on how to join, go to

At the next concert, on November 23, the society will be performing requiems by two of the most popular composers in the choral canon – Gabriel Faure and John Rutter.