A STUNNING commemorative bench dedicated to those who fought in the war has been installed in Tetbury.

The bench to commemorate those who fought during World War One has been placed on the Millennium Green.

The Tetbury Lions Club commissioned the bench in a dedicated act of remembrance.

The bench was designed and made by Cherington Forge, a local company, and placed on the green with the kind permission of the Feoffees.

A spokesman for the club said: “Four years is not a long time but in four years a boy in his early teens grows into a young man.

“In four years a generation of British and Commonwealth lads born in the mid 1890s would come of age like no others for in 1914 they went to defend their country in the First World War.

“For many going off to war was a rite of passage, many were excited.

“They would eat better than they had when working down the mines or in textile mills.

“They would have access to medical care.

“Many thought they would be home for Christmas anyway.

“Many never came home.

“You may not know their names but you can find them easily.

“From the biggest city to the smallest hamlet they are on memorials, some are simple plaques others grander affairs.”

Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

“As we look back over the century, this bench will help us remember that these men did not die in vain,” a spokesman for the club added.

“They fought a war that, like the one that followed only 25 years later, was necessary to contain the territorial ambition of a major European power.

“We remember the courage, honour and sacrifice of the boys who became men 100 years ago and support the young men and women who have followed in their footsteps and are today’s protective force.”

There are other war memorials in the town. On the war memorial in St. Saviour’s church yard are the names of 67 men who fought but never came back to Tetbury.