Myself, like others get concerned when people who use ‘Powered Wheelchairs’ seem to use the roads rather than the footpaths in Tetbury putting themselves in danger.

That was until I myself, after many years succumbing to my spinal injury, with help from our MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, who has been very helpful in other ways, I was given my own ‘Powered Chair’ from GCC also, after taking a test drive around Cheltenham.

Though after using my late wife’s Anne’s wheelchair quite often, it was not necessary but the law has to be followed.

Anyway here is what I found regarding those other users using the roads in Tetbury, I can only say regarding only in the surrounding area of Hampton Street, Chavenage Lane, Romney Road and Wisteria Road and if our town councillors took time to walk around these areas and looked for themselves maybe they, the power chair users would not drive down the roads.

When going to visit my daughter, Kate, in St Marys Road I started going down Romney Road on the left hand side of the footpath until I came to the junction with Chavenage Lane.

Due to the hedge being halfway over the path on the left hand side I could only get around the path if I went on soft muddy grass and get stuck, how do the mothers with prams and young children manage?

After looking at the state of the path I decided to give up and crossed over to Chavenage Lane until I could get over to a safer pavement, then onwards to where the Garden Centre was.

I turned in to come out onto Hampton Street, ongoing up on the pavement I had to lean forward, due to the hedge on the left hand side nearly touching the pavement, after about 150 yards.

I managed to sit up and my pain in my spine was horrendous, I sat still for about 15 minutes then move over to the lane up to St Marys Road.

I should have gone the long way, down, not up Hampton Street, the St Marys footpath is disgusting, do the children trip over whilst walking on it!

Come on, ok it is mainly Housing Association House Dwellers, but we do live in the town and put hell of a lot into it, why has it changed since the town passed their authority over, you councillors were always seen walking around ALL of the town so come on get walking again.

One walk you could take is up Wisteria Road on the left hand side, wide hedges and bad footpaths but carry on up and take the walk-through to Webb Road and be very wary of the blackberry thorns, nettles and a lot of dog poo.

Okay there is some weeds but at least they are flowering and making it look a bit prettier, who does take responsibility for it, town council or Bromford, I know it is out of site but children play up and down it so look after them.

I went down to the town centre with my granddaughter, we got past ‘Jessie Smiths’ and had to turn around and go over the Zebra Crossing then down Church Street again over the Zebra Crossing to get to the Market Hall and Post Office.

Why? because the owner of the past ‘FAWKES STORES’ had blocked the pathway with out-door seating making it very unsafe to go past so we had to take the long way, if I remember correctly this has been brought before the council on many occasions, please do something about it.

Well that’s it folks, I won’t hold my breath but councillors could you look into the problems, not just mine but those that are causing mishaps for ALL the townsfolk and maybe, ok it will take time and costs to put right, we all will be happy little bunnies.

Colin Moore