June 10 will see the first lorries rolling into the Javelin Park incinerator, which will be in action.

It has been a troubled and controversial journey.

Is it in the right place?

Is it value for money?

Will it do the job required?

Is it necessary?

All these questions have been asked.

This has been allied to questions some secrecy and some doubts still exist over cost.

Many accuse local government of being less than straightforward.

It has not been our county’s finest and emotions still run high.

One thing is now certain and that is its appearance.

Many of you will have seen it and have your opinions.

I think it is less big than I feared but it is still obtrusive.

In perhaps one years’ time we will be accustomed to it.

Judging its efficiency and performance may take longer but whatever the working results it is here to stay.

At Hinkley Point we have a much larger but equally controversial construction, the nuclear power station.

I thought we had moved on from these, but no, one is being built on our very doorstep.

EDF, the firm building it, are also building one in France.

It is eight years behind schedule, and way over budget.

The vast construction at Hinkley will lurch towards completion and then like Javelin Park we will await results.

Many will hail both projects as examples of progress and successful examples of the two modern needs of dealing with waste and producing power.

Environmentalists will have other views.

I make no judgement yet but urge government both local and national to be straightforward, honest and open about all aspects.

Finance, safety and advantages, both locally and nationally, are too important to be kept from an inquiring public.

We are wise enough to draw essential conclusions.