A MEMORIAL concert has been held for a much-loved teacher from Cirencester who died last summer.

Kate Kinsey, who worked at Paternoster School in Watermoor Road, Cirencester, died peacefully aged 59 at Cheltenham General Hospital on June 6 last year, after a short illness.

The married mum-of-two was hugely popular in the community.

Her friend Dawn Tye organised a memorial concert at the Church of St John the Baptist in Cirencester on Saturday.

“She was a lovely person,” said Dawn. “Always working hard to raise funds for charities and also gave a lot of support to encourage young people to have music in their lives, including her own children.

“Music was a big part of her life so that’s why I decided to organise a music concert.”

The concert featured a variety of performers from all around the county, many of whom knew and had worked with Kate.

Dawn continued: “I invited some young people to perform who knew Kate (Harry Frost and Alice Nelson who have both studied music at degree level as performers). Plus the Cotswold Youth Singers.

“Kate’s daughters, Grace and Beatrice, also performed. They are both brass players to a high standard and Beatrice also sang.

“Also singing were the Cantores Chamber Choir – Kate used to sing with this choir. I also showed some video footage of the children and staff at Paternoster School singing.”

There were also performances from local flute ensemble Tutti Flutti, Cirencester Community Choir and well known local opera singer Maria Jagusz.

The concert raised £1,000 for Paternoster School, for music therapy and the sensory garden, and another £1,000 for Cirencester-based Achieve Africa.

“Kate worked at Paternoster for many years and was very keen to provide these musical experiences for the pupils and continue to fund and develop those areas,” said Dawn.

“Achieve Africa supports the most vulnerable African children through projects and programmes of health and education.”