More than one hundred Cirencester men have been tested for prostate cancer after money was raised through numerous charity events.

Cirencester Round Table funded the event which saw 145 local men tested.

They paid for the tests with funds raised at events during the last year, including their annual fireworks display.

The tests were undertaken on Thursday by the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust.

Graham Fulford said: “It’s rare we see so many men come together to undertake these tests.

“Prostate cancer is something that affects not just men but their families and friends, it can devastate lives. Early screening means those at risk can combat this cancer at its earliest stages, allowing them to go on and live healthily for years to come.

"Thank you so much to Cirencester Round Table for all their hard work.”

Chris Hill, chairman of Cirencester Round Table added: “This event was central to my year as chair of Cirencester Round Table. I wanted us to come together as a charity and do something that would have a direct impact on the health of people throughout our community.

"I applaud all those men who came forward to be tested, it is not an easy thing to do but I hope the results will save lives in the long term.”