Are the Cotswolds becoming drier? I certainly think so. I have not looked at the rainfall figures but have just used observation, common sense and the instinct of someone topping and tailing his life in Gods own county.

When we have a wet time there are three key signs. The spring at Thames Head in Trewsbury Meadow near Coates bubbles strongly. You can see clearly water flowing under the Cirencester - Tetbury Road. I cannot remember when this last happened.

Leaving the mighty Thames a study of its first major tabular the Churn supports the evidence of less rainfall. It has not flooded this year. Visitors to Tesco’s Kingmeadow have not seen it burst its banks.

There is evidence of a drier time if we look at The Severn. My brother Marin lives at Masemore, just north of Gloucester. He has to cross The Severn to get there. Floods have caused him problems, but not for the last two years.

Now folk lore can be brought into ply. February was always known as “full dyke” because winter rain would fill up country ditches and streams. This year that was certainly a misnomer.

That is the extent of my evidence which some readers may think is rather thin and have figures to prove their point, but I shall stick to my guns, supported by Mrs Light who does a vital job in keeping patio plants watered.

This is not the time for panic as we get more than enough rain for our needs but the situation does need monitoring. Climate change can, and I am sure catch us all out before too long.

Look yourselves as you enjoy the Cotswold spring and early summer. Are the Avon triturates’ that converge on Malmesnury from Sherston and Tetbury running consistently strong? Is the River Frome flood free so far this year? I am sure the answers will prove me correct.