Residents are being alerted about a bin bag scam.

Cotswold District Council is alerting residents to a possible scam after a resident in Cirencester received a suspicious call this week advising the use of biodegradable bin bags for household waste.

Andrew Doherty, cabinet member for waste, flooding and environmental health said: “We’ve been alerted to a potential scam where a caller claiming to be from the local council asks the resident about the type of refuse bags they use.

"The caller then recommends using biodegradable sacks which they could issue if they have the resident’s bank details.

"It’s possible that the caller may have an eastern European accent.

“This call has not come from Cotswold District Council or its environmental services partner Ubico Ltd."

“If you receive a call like this please don’t give out your bank details, simply hang up and report the call to either your local police or Action Fraud."

To report the call, go to

or call 0300 123 2040.