An exhibition has started at Berkeley Castle, with a number of wire ‘ghosts’ being placed around the historic building and grounds.

The exhibition, which was launched officially at the castle on Sunday, is the work of artist Jackie Lantelli and the castle.

Jackie had previously created wire statues in memory of WW1 soldiers in Slimbridge.

On that occasion, hundreds of visitors came to the churchyard.

Now though, sculptures of Edward II, Elizabeth I and Dicky Pearce have been placed ready for guests to visit.

“We are delighted that Jackie has agreed to work with us to bring our historical stories and characters to life.

“Not only has she created sculptures of a King & Queen notoriously associated with the Castle, she’s also bringing some of the everyday historical characters alive too” says Charles Berkeley, Castle Director.

Sculptor, Jackie Lantelli revealed her pride that her work was on display at the castle.

“After exhibiting the WW1 Tommy sculptures at Slimbridge church I was delighted when Berkeley Castle asked me to make some historical figures for them,” she said.

“I find it very interesting looking into the history of a real person and finding out about their lives. Then when the sculpture is finished it seems to have a soul to it and it can be very emotional at times, just seeing the sculpture of King Edward makes you think ahh poor chap, he looks really fed up. And when you know what’s going to happen to him it almost brings a tear to your eye.

“I must say that Berkeley Castle is a beautiful place, and the staff are very friendly, I feel honoured that my work is going to be exhibited there.”

Paul Nicholls was at the launch. Click the gallery above to view his photos.