Corinium Talking News is looking for new listeners.

I was wondering if any readers of the Standard know someone who is blind or partially sighted who would like to listen to some of the contents of the Standard on an 80 minute CD.

We provide a CD of local news and views taken from the Standard which will pop through the letter box every week and a monthly magazine CD.

It is a totally free service for blind, partially sighted and housebound in Cirencester and the surrounding area covered by the Wilts and Glos Standard Cotswold edition.

We are a charitable organisation run by a team of volunteers dedicated to helping those who are unable to read the news themselves or obtain a copy of the newspaper.

Please get in touch by calling us on 01285 898594 and leave a message or email us at

We have a website

and you can find us on Facebook@coriniumtalkingnews

Jill Leach

Chair Corinium Talking News