A lecturer at Cirencester College has raised £888,56 for charity by going completely beardless for the first time in 20 years.

Design Lecturer Ken Jones raised the money last week for Mental Health UK.

Ken was inspired by his daughter Amy who is also raising money for the charity by trekking through Cambodia.

A former student of Cirencester College, Amy will be endeavouring to cover 80km over 5 days, through jungles, rice paddies, and mountains.

“I’m really pleased by the reaction and support of students and staff,” said Ken.

“It was quite fun having the students taking part in the actual shave and a very different day for me at college!”

The magnificent effort by Amy and her father will be matched by Amy’s employer Lloyds Banking Group, who will also fund the expedition.

Amy had to compete with thousands of applicants for the opportunity to take part in the trek, but it was her unique family experience that set her apart:

“Having personally experienced difficulties when my mum was diagnosed with Leukaemia, this cause is very close to my heart,” says Amy on her Just Giving page.

MHUK is an umbrella for four UK charities and provides support to people struggling with mental health as well as family and friends that are affected.

“Mental health is a big issue for young people and it just seemed like the time to get on and do something,” added Ken.

You can still donate to Ken by going to