Volunteers have been helping mums and families with young children who have been having a difficult time.

Becoming a parent can be isolating and lonely and these are issues which the majority of parents seeking support from charity Home-Start Cotswolds are experiencing.

As part of volunteers week, home start volunteers have been supporting even more families who have seen the benefits of their work.

One mum said: "Having a volunteer has done me the world of good. It has built up my confidence. I gained a lot from being supported emotionally – I hadn’t expected that. It has been lovely to have company.

"When I was told about Home-Start, I could not imagine having someone in my home or letting them take my children out, but I see it all differently now."

It’s not just the families who benefit. Volunteering is known to improve the mental health and wellbeing of volunteers themselves.

One volunteer said: "I have learnt to trust myself more and know that whatever support you can give, in a caring, empathetic and non-judgemental way will make some sort of positive difference, even if it doesn’t seem so at the time.

"It was wonderful to see how [the mother] began to enjoy being a mum to her little girl and giving her a very different start in life to her own."

Home Start will be holding a Volunteer Fair on Saturday, June 8 at Ashcroft Church and Centre, Ashcroft Road in Cirencester from 10am-2pm where you can find out more information.