The Cotswold district followed the national trend in backing the Brexit Party while there was also huge support for the Liberal Democrats in Thursday's European elections.

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party won three seats in the south west, thanks in part to more than 10,000 votes from Cotswold district residents.

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe was elected alongside fellow Brexit Party candidates James Glancy and Christina Jordan.

Liberal Democrat candidates Caroline Voaden and Martin Horwood also took seats in the south west. The party received just over 9,000 votes in the Cotswold district.

The district also voted more than 4,000 times for the Green Party, helping re-elect Molly Scott Cato in the process as she took the final seat.

The Conservatives and Labour received fewer votes than the Greens as voters followed the national trend in shunning the 'main' parties.

Full Cotswold district results:

Change UK 922

Conservative 3,741

English Democrats 128

Green 4,217

Labour 851

Liberal Dems 9,067

Brexit 10.275

UKIP 715

Larch Maxey (Independent) 33

Mothiur Rahman (Independent) 15

Neville Seed (Independent) 35