A GROUP working to reduce plastic use is among the first to be nominated for this year’s Pride of the Cotswolds.

Stroud District Action on Plastic (SDAP) have been nominated for the Community Project of the Year award.

The group was set up in 2017 by Claudi Williams after she spent a year living plastic-free.

“It’s easier than you think,” she said. “The whole landscape of how to shop has changed.

“The first port of call is not buying it in the first place. We are using more of the Earth’s resources than we can afford.”

Since the group formed they have organised a number of events and campaigns to reduce disposable plastics.

More than 40 businesses have signed up to a scheme to allow people to refill their water bottles for free.

Others, such as Slimbridge Westlands Centre and Snowbusiness have been given plastic-free community accreditation.

The group is also currently looking to recruit a part-time project coordinator.

They were nominated for being an ‘inspiration to the community’.

Reacting to the group’s nomination Claudi said: “We were all delighted. It was a really lovely surprise. We are a little bit under the radar and this award is a chance to tell our story.”

Know someone who deserves a Pride of the Cotswolds award? Nominations are open through the website.