Emergency accommodation for homeless people in the Cotswolds is now ready for use.

Cotswold District Council has refurbished The Croft, a seven-bedroom property in Cirencester, and recently hosted a small ‘housewarming’ ceremony to mark the completion of the work.

Invited guests, including those working for Cirencester Signpost, were able to tour the building, which includes two large bathrooms, a communal lounge and kitchen, and washing facilities in each bedroom.

There is also an office for advisors to help meet the support needs of the temporary residents and assist them in moving into settled accommodation.

Cotswold District Council Cllr Lisa Spivey for housing and homelessness, said: “Sadly, homelessness is a growing problem, both locally and nationally, and the refurbishment of The Croft to accommodate those in need is a very welcome development.

"This represents a significant increase in the availability of suitable emergency accommodation within the district, and means that Cotswold District Council officers will have to rent fewer expensive motel rooms outside the district to meet this need.

“I am also very pleased that having a base at The Croft will enable its temporary residents to maintain local connections and benefit from excellent access to a range of support networks.

"It’s also great that there are cooking facilities and a communal living room – having places to prepare meals and socialise should encourage residents to retain their independence and give them confidence to interact with others.”

Councillors approved an expenditure of £35,000 to refurbish the council owned property at a council meeting in December.