AN erudite Yorkshire reader has taken me to task concerning the description of Yorkshire as a confectionery desert.

His letter was beautifully written but totally wrong.

He commences his case by referring to parkin.

This can only be described as being made from sawdust and cattle cake.

Then he refers to rhubarb which is undoubtedly delicious but not a confection.

The rest of his argument concerns venues in such attractive towns as Whitby, York and Harrogate.

Betty’s Tea Rooms in that spa town are indeed a delight to visit, but we are talking not cafes but items that we can devour.

Yorkshire passes muster on fish and chips, plus sandwiches, but little else.

What I do admire about my correspondent is the pride he takes in his county.

His case may be weak but that does not deter him from sticking up for the White Rose County.

Our country is one of identity and individuality.

We have our shin-kicking and cheese rolling, Wiltshire have their White Horses.

Rousing songs such as Sussex by the Sea and Devon Glorious Devon define other counties.

Cornish folk sing of the joys of Going on Camborne Hill, Going Down”.

A ballad I can never understand, but love hearing.

How terrible it would be if we all lived in the London dominated infirmity of the South East.

Living where we do we are spared that uniform existence.

We all know we are the only county that both England’s major rivers The Thames and The Severn flow through and that being an established geographical feature will never change, but it is our individual identities we must protect.

Go to Tetbury Woolsack Races; watch the football in the river at Bourton-on-the-Water, followed by tea and lardy cake.

As you eat this Cotswold delight spare a thought for someone in the north eating parkin!