I personally would like to thank all the people who supported myself for both elections and everyone who took the effort to come out to vote for their own personal choices, despite sometimes horrendous weather.

And I'm hoping that the newly formed Tetbury Town Council will live up to your expectations, no exceed them I'm really looking forward to working with the many new councillors who have been elected by you.

I would also like to thank the staggering number of people who have given support over the district council election, not only from our town but nationally as well, as I’ve even had offers of crowdfunding to assist with any legal costs, as even to get the count looked at by an independent body there is significant financial cost, again hardly fair.

I would like to say this is not a personal matter it is however about principles, equality and fairness.

As many are now questioning the integrity and fairness of our voting system.

I’m currently awaiting the electoral commission to finish their investigation.

The facts are after a few counts the returning officer decided to admit a previously doubtful card!

The doubtful card had the word BREXIT and a arrow however with no markings in any of the boxes.

The question is whether this the voter was supporting or condemning the candidates or even any political parties (as many politicians aren’t even sure themselves!).

As there was no mark in the box it is fairly reasonable to assume it was a protest, and therefore would be impossible to determine and down to personal interpretation, and thereby remaining doubtful as it had been for the first couple of counts!

My concern is this will turn even more people off for voting, and after such a low turnout this is something democracy cannot afford.

History has shown us with tragic events how the interpretation of an ambiguous phrase can be travesty of justice with the Derek Bentley and the ''let him have it'’ interpretation. Many many people have told me is absolutely necessary to pursue the concerns raised over this in electoral matter, although the nicest thing was one person said you’ve already won morally.

Thank you.

Kevin Painter