This afternoon (Friday), whilst drinking coffee in one of the many cafes in Cricklade Street, I counted 12 cars driving from the Market Place down the street - this was between 3.45 and 4.10pm.

I approached one of the drivers at 4.05pm and told him of the vehicle prohibition (cars and motorcycles) until 4.30pm, whereupon he looked at his watch and said, ‘well, it’s nearly that now’....I asked him if he would mind if I stood in front of his car until 4.30pm, but he just drove on.

Is it permissible for a pedestrian to block a driver’s path if they are flouting the traffic prohibition, or would they be acting unlawfully....?

I wonder if the ‘new’ Cotswold District Council (or Cirencester Town Council?) will do anything to alleviate the traffic issue in Cricklade Street, or will it just be left as it is, with the occasional Police presence to collect fines?

Andy Kelly