Mr Butterell and Mr Simpson have written recently expressing concern about access to ongoing subsidies if and when Brexit ever happens.

Defra ministers have stated that such subsidies will remain available albeit more closely linked to environmental issues which seems sensible.

The UK had subsidies paid to farmers long before we joined the EEC, (to ensure locally produced affordable food rather than making farmers wealthy), so it is illogical to assume that even an incompetent government such as this one would suddenly stop them.

Mr Simpson talks of the NFU talking about catastrophe but they firmly nailed their colours to the mast of Project Fear on behalf of the Remain camp and have maintained that position throughout.

Indeed, any more reasonable discourse by their spokesmen would be the real surprise.

There's a great deal in the world to be concerned about at the moment but farmers' subsidies are way down the list.

Yours faithfully

Richard Lutwyche

South Cerney