Whatever your thoughts about the ongoing climate change protests, they have at least raised again, the very real dangers of climate change and our politicians inactivity.

These events have illuminated the urgency of the climate crisis our planet faces.

It is now even more important that we finally put an end to any thoughts that our Government have for promoting fracking as a key part of our energy supply.

On the same day that this Government confirmed it would push on with fracking regardless, it shelved the non-carbon renewable source that we could actually export expertise on, namely the Swansea Lagoon project.

This is inconsistent with the Government’s stated aims of promoting a low carbon economy.

Michael Gove, the Environment Minister, says the Government is listening and noting the week’s protests.

Well how about actually doing something about it, Mr. Gove and abandoning support for high carbon fracking and instead going for a project that will bring jobs, exportable expertise and truly reduce our carbon footprint as a nation, the Swansea Lagoon.

Dr. Jonathan Whittaker

Chair – Frack Free Cotswolds