Experts have warned teenagers are buying crack cocaine at 'pocket money prices'.

Data published by Public Health England has revealed a shocking number of drug users in the south west.

More than 28,000 are using crack cocaine and opiates such as heroin.

This number includes 2,849 from Gloucestershire, 1,337 from Wiltshire and 1,236 from South Gloucestershire.

The figure for the south west includes more than 2,400 aged under 25 and is of particular concern to experts.

Eytan Alexander, CEO of UKAT (UK Addiction Treatment), said: “Public Health England’s data clearly shows that an alarming number of teenagers and young adults are addicted to these incredibly potent substances.

“They’re seeking the feeling of euphoria at pocket money prices- crack rocks can be purchased for as little as a fiver with dealers available any time of day at the click of a button.

“Teenagers misusing crack and opiates at such an early age will not only suffer with the physical effects of the drugs, but the drugs could impact their education, overall achievement in life and expose them to a criminal environment at a young age, without full understanding of the risks and consequences of their actions.”