A ‘desperate’ mum who put hazard tape over her house three years ago says the work needed to repair the structural issues have still not been completed.

Muriel Swift, from Moreton in Marsh put hazard tape over her home to get the attention of the housing agency who she claimed would not address the issues in the building.

Speaking this week she said: “They have done half a job, most of the work they have done has got to be done again. There is a terrible structural problem. They have put in a bathroom that is half the size. I said I need a hand rail and they said I need an occupational therapist for that. They have cut so many corners. If a wall is wet and mouldy, you should straight away take the plaster off and have a look at what is going on underneath. But they have cut corners and now the plaster is falling down. I have got two bedrooms that need to be re-plastered."

Miss Swift says there are other issues such as a leaking pipe in her kitchen and a burst pipe underneath the house that also need to be addressed.

"I am so depressed and suicidal, I have got chest pains and stomach problems and I have been told it is to do with stress," she said:"

The 43-year-old said she was asked to move her children out of the property while work was completed but now her son, who has learning disabilities has moved back in.

Miss Swift said she has been told to move out of the home, but feels she has invested too much money in the house.

She says she spent £25,000 on the garden, partly due to letters from the council asking her to cut down conifers planted by the people that lived at the home before her.

"I had to take out loans to do the fencing and to take out trees that were out of control" she said.

Bromford’s locality manager Dave Grinter said: “Ms Swift spoke to us on Monday, April 8, and raised concerns about possible subsidence in her property.

"As a result of these conversations, we will be sending a surveyor out to her home to assess the situation and whether any additional improvement works are required.

“In March 2017 we carried out a programme of significant improvements to her property including the installation of structural supports and remedial wall tiles.

"We have been working closely with Ms Swift for some time to ensure she has a home that is safe and secure and this is something we are committed to continue doing until all issues are resolved.”