Despite turning 100 years old, feisty Phyllis Hiron proved she is still firing on all cylinders on her big day.

Phyllis, who lives in Kingshill, Cirencester, celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday, April 8.

To celebrate the occasion, a party was held the day before which saw her take a ride on her grandson's motorbike.

Around 90 people attended her birthday party including her three children - Maurice (74), Angela (70) and Valerie (67).

Phyllis also has seven grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.

She has also received a letter from the Queen.

Daughter in-law Sue Gardner said: "We're all very proud.

"She looks after herself, she's never drank or smoked and lives a healthy life.

"She's proud of her garden too and is still growing runner beans.

"Phyllis also says as long as she's got a phone, she doesn't feel lonely."