Dear Editor

S106 “Benefits” for Cirencester - “The Promise”

I refer to the letter in last week’s Standard from BDL (Bathurst Development Ltd) outlining the list which they “promise” will be delivered via the S106 agreement and Jeremy Handel’s interview on BBC Gloucestershire radio last Friday morning when he reiterated the same message.

This is PR gone nuts.

In the first instance, these so called promises are not “benefits” to the community as the dialogue implies.

A development of this magnitude cannot legally proceed without provision for schooling, public transport and other mitigating measures and funding is a mandatory responsibility .

Secondly I take no comfort from the 713 documents (which make up the S106 signed agreement) on CDC’s portal as I am not a professional planner and have difficulty understanding the terminology.

I would therefore request, through the communication platform available via WGS, that CDC produce a guide for the community which picks up the provisions to be provided via the agreement so everyone in the community can see it in simple English.

Eileen Grout