Dear Editor

The referendum result was unquestionable that we should leave the EU, after all the negotiations that have taken place it has not been possible to reach an agreement and that means we leave and move forward with WTO terms.

Since this nation joined the EU, our politicians have failed to grasp the challenge and lead Europe within the organisation; they did not have the will and for the most part, they haven’t appeared that interested, happy to leave all that to Germany and her French Poodle.

They were years of wasted opportunities.

Without labouring the point, that lack of impetuous brought about firstly dissatisfaction, influence and then the referendum.

The electorate gave politicians the opportunity to become independent with all the exciting challenges of winning new trade, of driving this nation forward and much more, in the event the House of Commons lost its nerve. Members simply do not have what it takes.

Now we see, Theresa May invite Corbyn – who? Yes, Jeremy Corbyn to No 10 a professional protestor and Trotsky Disciple and a leader of sorts of a ragbag number of Labour Party Groupings/factions. A man who spent years of disloyalty to his own Party.

Are we about to see history attempt to repeat itself, Stanley Baldwin, four times Conservative Prime Minister is credited with changing the Labour Party from a Party of Protest (even revolution) to a Party of Government?

Does Mrs May aim to convert Corbyn in the same way? It is all a waste of time, a piffling Prime Minister who surrounded herself with an inner cabinet of lesser types and has now sought to increase the size of her fold with that man.

Doubtless, his cronies will be there hanging on like leeches.

As for our Member of Parliament, in Thatcher terms “a wet”, he needs as a matter of urgency to book the Bingham Hall and meet his constituents in an open meeting, he could even invite his closest colleague in parliament as well and if he has the courage a colleague with an opposing opinion.

Let him tell the people of Cotswold Constituency exactly what is going on, exactly what he has done in this crisis, what he is doing now, his future plans and exactly who he would support as a new leader of his Party.

Does he really want to retain his seat or should we seek and adopt an Independent Conservative Candidate for the Cotswold Constituency?

There is a lot to be said for replacing many of the existing members of Parliament, a breath of fresh air is much needed.

So many have been there too long contaminating new members entering their bubble with staleness.

The underlying question is, of course, is our current Parliamentary system of government dying, can and should it be saved?

Royston Gay