Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown was put on the spot in a 'Question Time' style format by politics students.

Students from Cirencester College challenged the Cotswolds MP issues including Brexit, local transport, tackling drugs, support for disadvantaged families and potholes.

The Brexit debate sparked an interesting debate in which a student Theo questioned parliamentary conduct and what was being done to keep the parliamentary discussions in check.

Meanwhile, Olivia raised another hot topic, the voting system, and asked why the UK does not adopt proportional representation in favour of the current ‘first past the post’ system.

Two students raised local issues that affected them: Joe, from South Cerney wanted to know about what was going to be done about repairing the endless potholes on our roads, whilst Indie was keen to address the issue of transport subsidies for young people in education.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown commended students for their stimulating questions.

“They’re always a bright group and I always love coming to Cirencester," he said.

"It’s always very interesting to talk to students because they’re lively and absolutely direct to the point and if you don’t answer the question properly they’ll come back at you with another one.”

Students Joe and Dylan added: “It’s nice to realise he’s just a normal person and can be approached like anyone else."

"It was also good to talk about the relationship between the electorate and those that represent them - which is key in our course.

"Finding out about local issues and learning where you can go to have your say was really useful.”

Politics lecturer Nicola Eagleton said: “Over the last 18 months students have been given the opportunity to meet MPs from all political backgrounds to ask questions in small group settings.

"This includes David Drew MP (Stroud), Robert Buckland (Swindon North) and Justin Tomlinson (Swindon South); all of which have been fascinating for our students, and really brought politics to life for them.”

Thanks to Sir Geoffrey's support, politics and public service students are given the opportunity to take a tour of the Houses of Parliament each year.