A 94-year-old man has been visiting the same café on the South Cerney lakes for over 10 years so it is little wonder the staff decided to throw a surprise birthday bash in his honour.

Geoff De La Salle has been going to The Cotswold Gateway Café and Information Centre for his lunch and afternoon tea between four and six times a week for over 10 years.

To celebrate his 94th birthday, the catering team at the cafe treated Geoff to some cake and tea on the house.

Geoff lives in nearby Cricklade and is a former airman with the RAF before serving with the Metropolitan Police.

The Gateway became a favourite with him and his wife, whom he lost only a few years ago.

"I am lucky they remembered,” he said of the surprise.

"They (café staff) are like family to me and I look forward to coming in for just a cup of tea or maybe some baked beans on toast.

"It is a pleasant place to relax with views over the lake and they are extremely kind to me, I had a lovely birthday with them before going to see my son."