The people of Malmesbury are overwhelmingly in favour of a People's Vote and staying in the EU, according to a Brexitometer.

On Saturday, April 6, three local mums sat by the Market Cross and canvassed over 200 people and found that most people want to 'stop Brexit'.

Miranda Shirnia, Lisa Tweedie and Elly Tyacke ran the poll from 11am to 2.30pm asking people whether the UK should remain in the EU or leave.

According to the group, 60 percent of people canvassed want the UK to remain in the EU, with just 20 percent asked wanting to leave.

The group said that when asked 'what do you think we should do', 123 people said to stop Brexit, 33 people said no deal, and just 7 people voted to go ahead with Theresa May's deal.

And when asked 'who should decide', 98 people said it should go to a People's Vote with 19 people saying MP's should decide on the deal.

Lisa Tweedie said: "We followed up on Miranda's idea and ran a Brexitometer in the Market Cross.

"We were representing ourselves as three Malmesbury mum's who just wanted to get people talking to each other and start the healing process after Brexit.

"Thank you so much to all the 204 people who took part."