A Cotswolds couple has celebrated a major milestone.

Alan and Lilian Rogers celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary at Hyperion House in Fairford.

Lilian is a resident at the care home and Alan visits daily so he can spend time with his wife.

At 11am on March 27, all the staff and residents at the home joined the couple in raising a glass of champagne to celebrate their blue sapphire wedding anniversary.

To celebrate the occasion, the couple looked through their wedding album, which includes pictures from throughout their marriage, and had a look at all the cards they received from family and friends.

Lilian and Alan even received a special congratulatory card from the Queen.

At lunchtime, everyone enjoyed a buffet lunch whilst chatting 'about the good old days' followed by cake and tea.

Throughout the celebration, music was playing which had been chosen by Alan and Lilian which brought back fond memories of their 65 years of marriage.

A spokesperson for Hyperion House said: "The staff at Hyperion House look forward to Alan’s visits as they enjoy chatting to him about his marriage to Lilian and the fantastic life they have shared and continue to share throughout their married life together.

"Congratulations to Alan and Lilian with love and best wishes from all at Hyperion House."