A SUSPECTED UFO described as ‘a massive piece of tinfoil in the sky’ has been spotted repeatedly in Bibury.

Josh Halliday first saw the craft last year but has since been alerted to further reports in the area, which have prompted him to go public.

After spotting the "UFO" in broad daylight, he was initially laughed off by his fianceé until she saw it for herself. A friend of hers also spotted a similar flying object back in March and Josh feels it’s more than just a coincidence.

“It was like a massive piece of tinfoil in the sky," he said. "It was stationary and the clouds were moving and it faded away and you couldn’t see it after that.

“My fiancée thought I was taking the mickey but she’s now spotted them too."

Josh added: “When our friend saw it, it was around the same time my phone signal jammed and made a screeching noise while I was on the phone to my dentist in Fairford, who also heard the noise.

“My roommate saw something like a shooting star, something entering the atmosphere as well.

“I know there were military helicopters were out at 4am circling."

Josh's friend Rhianna Evans has also spotted a similar looking UFO in the area. 

She first saw it last year and has kept tabs on it since and captured footage of the suspected UFO last Wednesday.

The object Rhianna spotted was similar to the one Josh spotted. 

She said: "I posted a Facebook status after I saw something like a meteor driving up the M5. 

"A lot of people will pass this by and I'm open to the fact a lot is kept quite. 

"Josh contacted me and said he and his fiancee had seen odd things too. 

"This thing i have seen is odd and I got it on camera. I also saw one in broad daylight near Stroud last year." 

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