The Section 106 agreement recently signed by Bathurst Development Ltd and Cotswold District Council fails to mitigate many of the inevitable ill-effects on the town as pointed out by many objectors including Save our Cirencester including:-

The increased traffic from the development generating air pollution affecting all the town.

No mitigation for the traffic from the development at the already difficult Somerford Road/Chesterton Lane road junction.

No mitigation for the traffic from the development through the busy Love Lane industrial estate.

Contrary to the original promises from BDL for the provision of a health centre, made to gain CDC support, now this will be provided only if the NHS purchases the site from BDL and pays for the health centre.

In the absence of an internal through road cars and service vehicles moving between the three separate parts of the development will have to drive through existing roads including Chesterton Lane, such additional traffic generated by a new development being contrary to government policy.

Extra traffic to the town centre generated by the development will add to existing parking problems; the proposed multi-storey car park in the Waterloo is the opposite side of the town to Chesterton.

This “Bathurst legacy” will exacerbate many of the existing shortcomings of Cirencester’s infrastructure.

John Nicholas