AN ART gallery in Cirencester is hosting Russian artist Anna Razumovskaya, who will be exhibiting her latest collection of works at the gallery.

Anna, who will be in the gallery on Saturday, May 25, is inspired by the graceful elegance of the female form.

With her classic figurative forms, she captures the romanticism of renaissance portraiture, while creating art that is modern and original.

Her art has a sense of ‘romanticism’, and the artist’s signature use of expressive colour, combine to create her uniquely recognisable and unique style.

Born at the height of the cold war, Anna was exposed to very different worlds, that of the austere communist regime alongside the sophistication and femininity of her fashion-conscious mother.

uMeet Anna Razumovskaya at Whitewall Galleries, 2 West Market Place , Cirencester on Saturday, May 25 from 12-2pm.

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