This letter was received by the Wilts and Glos Standard

Dear Editor

This is by way of an open letter with a request to Sir Geoffrey Clifton- Brown, because if you email him you get an automatically generated response from a do-not-reply sender.

If you look to see his view on Brexit, you can read something dated October 2018.

The mess his party has created is getting worse, and resolution more urgent, by the day.

You might therefore have thought some sort of update would be in order.

Then again, given the echo-chamber of old reactionaries he doubtless moves around in, his view may be unchanged in spite of all.

Perhaps someone could get him to listen to Michael Heseltine's interview on the subject on Channel 4 News - freely available online? The tragedy is that so many who voted Leave in 2016 will shuffle off this mortal coil before the full extent of the damage they are imposing on younger generations is realised.

My appetite for irony isn't quite big enough to cope with that.

Yours sincerely

Roy Simpson