A shop in Malmesbury that has saved more than 570 plastic bottles in less than a year has been awarded for its fight against plastic use.

Tom Bowerman and the team at the Wild Food Co, based on the High Street, were handed the Plastic Free Champion award.

It is the first ever award handed out by campaign group Malmesbury Against Plastic.

A spokesperson for the campaign group said: "Over the past year or so The Wild Food Co have worked tirelessly to increase their offerings to make it easier to live a reduced plastic lifestyle, from loose soaps, to toilet rolls wrapped in paper and recently, their liquid refill station for items like hand soap and washing up liquid."

Tom Bowerman of the Wild Food Co said: "Thank you to all of our customers as we move across to zero waste and plastic free products.

"We have saved at least 570 plastic bottles since offering the refill service' in Mary 2018."

The shop are planning on introducing a loose item refill station for dried goods in the near future.